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About me

Hi! My name is Brittany and I am from Switzerland. I am living my dream by traveling around the beautiful continent of Asia! I am learning about natural healing techniques, healing emotional trauma, strengthening the body with kung fu moves and tai chi! If you came here, it’s because you want to know a little about who is behind this blog. Well, here is my journey and it’s just the beginning…

As a kid, starting in elementary school, I was bullied every day. I went to the doctor’s office regularly. I ended up having to change schools. I was so tiny and physically weak compared to the other kids, I was an easy target.  

It took several years for me to understand that if I wanted to be left alone, I needed to fight back, that is when things finally started getting better for me. But I then discovered that even when you grow up, bullying still exists. Adults can also be manipulative, aggressive and cruel. The strategies to defend myself against these people needed to change.

So, wanting to learn about healing and protecting myself from others, I studied mental coaching for 5 years, only to discover that the teacher was manipulating the students to gain more power. Someone I had trusted to teach me, made me lose trust in others and myself. Not only me but the others as well, we felt a lot of pain that stayed with us long term. He turned people against each other and created hatred. He manipulated my emotions and made me doubt myself completely.

On top of outside bullying, well it happened also on the inside. As a young adult, I found out that my chronic pain and fatigue were due to an autoimmune disease, Sjögren. My body was attacking itself?!! I was in shock. Living with an auto-immune disease makes your whole body hurt, you feel exhausted, foggy and weak all day long.

When I got diagnosed, I was told there was no cure and that it was going to get worse. Well, since I finally knew what I had, I got into research mode. I had a choice. I could let myself go into that dark place and give up OR I could do something about it. So, I learned how to heal my physical body and my mind.

I found that lots of people were healing their symptoms naturally all over the world, there were books written by doctors who had also auto-immune diseases that explained by changing to an anti-inflammatory diet, testing for food intolerances, getting rid of stress (a hard one for me…) and getting rid of toxins, you could get so much better. So, I started applying these lifestyle changes. It made the pain go away and lower the brain fog. Besides when I would eat again something too inflammatory or stress too much, I was doing much better. I was living a normal life again, which was already super amazing!!! The chronic fatigue, even though it was lower than before, it still stuck with me. Change for this particular problem became better while traveling and practicing new healing techniques.

After all this work, I still felt weak because I had been picked on, beaten up, I felt tired and scared. I was frustrated of still feeling hurt by my past. I had started learning and practicing natural healing methods since I was a teenager, but it still wasn’t enough. Even for exercise, I tried to do it regularly to lower inflammation in my body. But I kept having to take many breaks just to do a 20 minute pilates workout. I needed to find a place where I could work on these issues. I decided at one point to go finally pursue my dream and went traveling!

Since the 1st of July 2019, I am traveling around Asia. I volunteered a month in Sri Lanka in a Buddhist temple. They taught me about letting go of emotions, expectations of others and myself to find true happiness. They taught me about unconditional love and kindness!

I travelled to Japan that has a very zen culture. Furthermore, it’s amazing how they will choose something that they will practice for years to perfect it. Like in martial arts, they will train one move for one year every day. I met people who owned shops where they made their whole lives the same type of object just to make its beauty completely shine through it. I feel sometimes we give up so quickly. If we’re not comfortable, too tired, we give up because it’s just too hard. They inspired me to better myself in what I have learned and to find the patience to do it. I love this country so much!!!

I travelled in China, where I went on top of a mountain to train in a Daoist temple for two months. I climbed up the mountain for three hours with 20kg of backpack weight on me. I also trained for 7 hours a day. I never thought I could do something so physically challenging. I learned different forms of tai chi, qi gong, da gong, kung fu, different meditations, Daoist medicine, but also so much more. How amazing was it to learn what I was actually capable of? I discovered I had underestimated myself since I was a teenager. When you’re put in a situation where you don’t have a choice but to push forward, you will gain in strength. The training made me feel like a warrior! I became stronger and healed not only my physical body but also my mind during my stay at the temple.

If you want to learn more about my journey in this temple, read my article: What a Daoist temple taught me about life

What will you discover with my articles? I am writing about amazing experiences and incredible people that I have met or read about. You will explore techniques on how to heal your body and mind, learn how to feel stronger and to protect yourself. You will find how to let go of pain and boost your inner energy levels. You will understand how people from different cultures have lived with ancestral teachings and training to become healthier.

Now, I can’t wait to continue my journey and find amazing healers and people who will show me how to be a true healing warrior!

Follow my adventures if you also want to become stronger, a badass warrior of life and learn healing methods from all over Asia! Are you ready to take the next step?

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