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Lindsey Wei interview – How to empower yourself?

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Lindsey Wei’s wisdom about self-empowerment

In this interview, you will discover:

  • What it means to be on the warrior’s path
  • How to continue training even when your mind keeps telling you to stop
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Empowering and strengthening ourselves
  • Balancing training physically and spiritually, taking care of our health with our daily responsibilities
  • Women on a spiritual path
  • How to protect yourself from spiritual teachers who use seduction
  • Primitive skills and Native American spirituality
  • Specific diets when you’re on a spiritual path
  • Lindsey Wei’s second book “Path of the Spiritual Warrior: Life and Teachings of Muay Thai Fighter Pedro Solana”
  • Encouter with an entity from India

Who is Lindsey Wei?

After highschool, she went to China to train in martial arts in Beijing. Then, she went to train in a shaolin temple and finally ended up in the Wudang mountains. About a year later, she found her life teacher, Li Shifu in a Daoist temple, called the Five Immortals temple! There she learned kung fu, tai chi, qi gong, sword sparring, meditation, Daoist medicine, Daoist ceremonies, internal alchemy and more!

She practices and teaches Wudang Daoist Internal martial arts and healing in the US and online. By the way, if you want to follow her online classes, click here! I have tried the yang sheng gong and the tai chi courses and they were amazing!

Lindsey’s books

The Valley Spirit

She wrote about her incredible journey in China in “The Valley Spirit: A female story of Daoist cultivation“. We follow her as a young woman, training in martial arts for the first time, to discovering her Daoist teacher, about her travels between China and going back to “normal” society in the United States, about relationships, Native American spirituality, and of course learning and embracing all the Daoist and martial teachings mentioned above.

This book really helped me out so much in the past, discover why below!

Path of the Spiritual Warrior

For her second book, she traveled to Thailand to train with Pedro Solana and wrote a book about his story: “Path of the Spiritual Warrior: Life and teachings of muay thai fighter Pedro Solana“.

He is the founder of Muay Thai Shanga Fighting Arts and has a school in the north of Thailand. In this book, he shares his wisdom about martial arts, following a warrior’s path to finally finding a spiritual one! Also, Lindsey explains an amazing encounter she had with an ancient entity from India!

How did Lindsey’s book help me to empower my life?

How did Lindsey Wei’s book “The Valley Spirit” help me to empower my own life? Well, she inspired me when life was tough and I felt like everything was trying to break me!

I felt really weak mentally and physically. I had fought through my autoimmune disease and was finally able to have a normal life again but still felt tired. Also, many people had made me feel weak throughout my life. I had been bullied as a kid a lot. Even as an adult, I faced people who made me feel small (well on the inside, not just because I am physically tiny). I was tired of not feeling strong enough.

Women and their false teachers

In my early twenties, I had a teacher who taught me about energetic work and working on my mind. Little did I know, he was manipulating me and all the other students, he lied to us, even turning us against everyone else, I let him control my life. I lost complete confidence in myself, I felt anger, sadness, hurt, betrayed and lost. Unfortunately, it took me years to leave his grasp.

When I read about the difficulties that Lindsey and other women she wrote about had with their teachers, it was so reassuring to me. I didn’t feel so alone and sadly enough, I learned that many women go through this. In her book, these women also found the strength to leave. They didn’t let these teachers or even for one of them a lover continue to control their lives with manipulation and/or seduction.

This subject is so important and Lindsey talks about this in the interview. More importantly, she explains how to protect yourself and empower yourself too!

I had left, but I didn’t know how to heal from this. Her words helped me to start this healing journey. And even helped me to find the place to continue to heal. When I went to the Five Immortals Temple, I went through so much there. One step that I started going through there was learning to forgive. I am still working on this. But I was unable to work on this before.

Another step was to learn to trust a teacher again. Thank you Li Shifu!

If you want to learn more, I wrote an article about what a Daoist temple taught me about life.

Martial arts and inner strength

I have been drawn by martial arts since I was a young teenager. I wanted to learn that too but in a traditional way. What Lindsey described was an intense training in a traditional Daoist temple where the work was not only on the physical, but also mental, spiritual and energetic levels. This was exactly what I had been longing for, for so long. Bonus? They also taught Daoist medicine! This was just perfect.

My goal was to go to the same place where she trained to also learn how to become stronger and grow on all these levels. But I had to go through a couple of difficult years to get there. The inspiration from her transformation helped me push through all the difficulties and challenges along the way!

Now trust me when I tell you, internal martial arts is not only about strengthening your body, it’s also about strengthening your mind, your energy and your spirit! For someone who struggles like I have with having low energy all the time and feeling weak not only physically, this helps so much!

Go listen to this amazing interview with Lindsey Wei!

So, if you want to learn more about the warrior’s path, how to surpass yourself, discover spirituality from across the globe, diets on a spiritual journey and how to empower yourself, watch this video!

Another student from the Five Immortals Temple with whom I had an interesting conversation with, was Giulio from Spirit Arts! We discussed subjects such as qi gong, longevity and working on your energy field. If you want to learn more, listen to this interview, why practicing qi gong can transform your life?

Share in the comments what subject inspired you the most in this interview 😉

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