tips to look and feel your best at any age

4 Simple Tips to Help You Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age

You’ve likely heard the saying “you’re only as old as you feel.” What you may not realize, however, is that this statement can be so very true. How you feel and perceive your age can have a major effect on whether you feel older or younger than you really are. Of course, it can also help to have a few research-backed solutions to boost your confidence and your well-being as you get older. So, keep on reading to discover how to feel your best at any age!

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Boost Your Self-Esteem With Style 

We tend to think of fashion as superficial, but it turns out that what we wear can reflect more than just what’s on the surface. Researchers have found that the clothes you choose to wear help to either put you into or hold you back from the places you wish to be. Your choice of clothing can also affect your self-esteem. So, if you have been feeling tired or even older these days, your wardrobe choices could be at least partially to blame. 

The takeaway from this isn’t that you need to spend a fortune on designer fashions to feel your best, but rather that you should focus on finding clothing that brings you joy. For instance, creating a capsule wardrobe is a great, budget-friendly way to look and feel your best. 

Keep Your Body and Mind Moving 

As we grow older, staying active can become more of a challenge. This is especially true if you have been stuck in a sedentary lifestyle or job for years on end. In reality, though, getting started with new exercises for your body and brain is often the hardest part of building these healthy new habits. You may need to force yourself to get off the couch and get outside for a walk or run for a few days before these changes really begin to stick. 

Starting with a walk or intervals is a good idea, but as you feel more comfortable, be sure to add in some strength training. Maintaining muscle mass is important for everyone but can be particularly crucial as you get older. This is why health and fitness experts always recommend that adults and older adults look to the heart-healthy benefits of cardio with the muscle-building perks of strength training. For even more health benefits, consider rounding out your health and fitness routines with a regular dose of qi gong

look and feel your best at any age

Mind Your Self-Talk About Getting Older 

If your confidence seems to be faltering as you age, your way of thinking may need to change. While self-esteem can be impacted by the words and actions of others, it’s typically our own negative thoughts and self-talk that hold the most influence. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself or creating other self-deprecating stories around your age, try to focus on all of the joy and wisdom you have cultivated along the way. Also, know that changing your mindset can take time and practice, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t feel better right away. 

Hobbies can also be an effective way to ward off negative self-talk and maintain confidence as you get older. To get the most benefits, try picking up some fresh new hobbies that will force you to learn new skills. You could get into qi gong, as mentioned above, or you can try something different like growing your first garden, trying out new healthy recipes or enjoy creative activities like painting or drawing. 

Make Your Home a Retreat

A busy life can lead to a cluttered mind and a cluttered home. Over time, this clutter can build up and leave you feeling anxious, depleted and holding onto negative energy. One’s home should be a space of comfort and respite; a place where you feel your best and your environment feels safe and comforting. If you find yourself dealing with clutter, negative thoughts or your home could just use a refresh, consider taking steps to inject more positive energy through cleaning, organization and opening shades and windows. These small efforts can go a long way toward helping you love your home and boosting your self-esteem.

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It can be all too easy to fall for gimmicks and fads when you are trying to fight against aging. Why not embrace your age instead? Seriously, as long as you do what you can to take care of your mind, your body and your self-esteem, you won’t have to worry about feeling older. 

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