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onsen bath

The healing benefits of the mysterious japanese onsen baths

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If you’re in Japan and you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate and relax yourself, the best way is to experience the magic of onsens! Not only do they have many physical health benefits, but I also went through an internal healing when I tried it! So, besides feeling renewed and purified when coming out of the baths, you feel…

how to heal your gut with fermented Japanese food

How to heal your gut with fermented Japanese foods?

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Do you have regularly digestive issues like being bloated or having gas or being constipated? Well, maybe your microbiome is unbalanced? It’s probably time to try some amazing japanese fermented foods to heal your gut! When I went to Japan last year, I thought I already knew Japanese food (which I already loved). But trust me you have to go…

Thailand Chiang Dao

Traveling through Asia for the next 2 years

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This is it, I have left Switzerland to travel around Asia for at least the next two years!!! This is so exciting and a little scary, my dream is finally coming true!!! My husband and I have been saving our money like crazy these past years. We have wanted to travel around the world since we were teenagers, but between…