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What is it like to train in a Daoist temple in China?

Last year, I went to train in tai ji (tai chi), qigong, daoist medicine and meditation in the Five Immortals temple, in China, for two months. It was such a life changing experience. It was at the same the most challenging and the most empowering experience I had! So, I thought I would make a video about what it was like to train in a Daoist temple in China!

What is this video about?

This video is about my journey in this temple. At first, I explain how a typical day of training at the temple looked like. Then, I share about the struggles and fears I went through. Lastly, I show the incredible benefits I gained from staying there and how a little push to challenge yourself!

A little sneak peek…

I was so worried that I might not be strong enough to handle the training, that maybe I would hold the group back or be asked to leave, but I wanted to go there so badly to strenghten myself, to learn with these movements to heal and work on my qi.

Well, I am so glad that I pushed through those negative thoughts and lived this amazing training! What I gained was way beyond just learning techniques but also a transformation into other aspects in my life!

What a Daoist temple taught me about life

I also wrote an article called what a Daoist temple taught me about life. After I finished my training, I shared other incredible experiences that I didn’t talk about in the video. Especially about the different healing methods that I experienced!

What has been your challenge?

How about you? Have you ever tried to do something you dreamed of doing but was terrified at first? Leave your challenge that you went through in the comments!

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