why practice qi gong

Why practicing qi gong can transform your life?

Why should you practice qi gong? Listen to the fascinating interview with Giulio from Spirit Arts to understand better what is qi gong and how it can transform your life! He also shares with us a guided meditation during the second part of the interview!

To listen to the podcast, press on the button play. To download it, press on the right-click button here.

Or watch the video below!

In this interview, you will find:

– We talk about our qi fields, empowerment and strengthening our energy fields, longevity and internal energy blockages.

– How did he start feeling qi for the first time?

– What happened when he decided to go train in a temple, in China, to learn the secrets of the energy field?

– How did this practice transform his life and help him find his life path?

– How does working on the qi help to have more energy in general?

– How does qi gong affect us emotionally?

If you want to go straight to the guided meditation, it starts at 37:45.

If you already want to practice qi gong, then you can start with the standing meditation (zhan zhuang) 😉 !

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