7 tips on how to listen to your intuition

7 tips on how to listen to your intuition

Have you ever wondered how some people seem on the right path all the time?

They just flow in the right direction and find the perfect opportunities. These are people who know how to listen to their intuition!

Do you also wish you could be aligned with your intuition?

The truth is, everyone can use their intuition to follow their path. It just needs practice! So, in this article, you will learn the 7 tips on how to listen to your inner voice!

What is your intuition?

So, what is your intuition? It can be a hunch, a sensation or a feeling that pulls you into a direction or gives you some information, even if you don’t know where it’s coming from. Some people say it’s a gut feeling, others can feel it in their hearts, or some have that inner voice that tells them what is the right thing to do with absolute clarity. Is it your Soul or some form of inner wisdom?

In this study, intuition is “a process by which information normally outside the range of cognitive processes is sensed and perceived in the body and mind as certainty of knowledge or feeling (positive or negative) about the totality of a thing distant or yet to happen”.

What isn’t your intuition?

First of all, don’t listen to your fears, that is not your intuition. When you are afraid that you aren’t good enough to accomplish your dream or you can’t do it because of your responsibilities, that’s a load of …

Dr. Cynthia Li shares in this article that intuition is not guesswork, your instincts that come from your survival mode nor wishful or emotional thinking.

Why is it difficult to listen to our intuition?

Because at first, our logical mind makes no sense of what we feel or perceive, and it doesn’t like that. If you don’t have proof of what you are feeling, then generally you dismiss the information as your wild imagination acting up.

If we don’t trust our intuition, the fear of failure or of making mistakes will take over. That’s why we need to create a healthy relationship with our inner voice and practice listening to it. The more we work with it, see that how much it helps us, the more we can use it in our everyday life.

Here are 7 tips to help you on your journey to finally listening to your intuition!

7 tips on how to listen to your intuition

1.    Take some distance


Before starting any exercise, take some distance from your usual life, especially if you are feeling stressed or any fear about what you need to get through. If you are in a panic state and thinking “what should I do?” over and over again, it’s like hitting a wall and not looking to the side to get passed it.

To get into the right state to listen to your intuition, I suggest taking a step back. Think about something completely different. You can go out for a walk in the forest or in a parc to get some fresh air. Then, come back and do something fun to get you back into a state of calm. Trust me it will be much easier to listen.

2.    Meditation

listen to your intuition

Now that you aren’t any longer in emotions of stress, negativity or anything that is really distracting, you can calm the body and mind. When you are in silence, it can be in meditation or when you are just lying in bed, it helps you to listen to your inner voice. Without the crazy thoughts and energy being distracting every few seconds, you’re actually in a state to pay attention to your intuition.

Just focus on your breath and if you start thinking about your grocery list, no that isn’t your intuition telling you to go to the grocery store! That’s just part of you that doesn’t want to listen to that inner voice. Let those thoughts flow by like a cloud.

But by the end of your meditation session, if you saw some images, had a feeling or a thought pattern that kept popping back up, write those down, it may be some message that you need to focus on.

You can follow this taoist meditation that I learned in China to help you!

The next step will help you with your exercise.

3.    How to listen to your body

Whether you are in a calm state or meditating, just let yourself stay that way a little while. Then, you can ask yourself, “How do I feel about this option?”. Start recognizing what you feel in your body. Is there tightness in your chest or the opposite? You feel more open and lighter. Does the option make you feel excited or just completely bored or wrong for you?

Ask about each option or situation. You may get goosebumps, a tingling sensation, feel your heart accelerate, your energy is circulating differently, images can pop up in your mind or your thoughts are speaking to you with real assurance. Are you feeling that something is wrong in your heart or gut, a feeling of uneasiness or you feel like this is what you have been waiting for your whole life?

You can also just ask yourself yes/no questions to start out with and just feel what messages you receive.

If you feel blocked…

If I don’t feel anything during the session, I put out the intention that when it is the right time, give me a sign. This can help with certain blockages from the rational mind who doesn’t want to listen at that moment.

Listen to the feelings

An example of when I had a strong gut feeling. I wanted to study in a school where it should have been the perfect place for what I love. Once I enrolled, there were a few pointers but nothing alarming to it not being as perfect as what I thought it was.

I started feeling more and more anxious and I felt in my gut that something was really wrong as time went by. It got bigger and bigger, until I felt like I was going to explode. I ended up cancelling my enrollment. After that, I learned that the teachings in that school were going against my beliefs and taught out of date information.

4.    Find the courage to follow your intuition

Sometimes, we resist simply because we are afraid of the answer of what we must do. If a relationship isn’t healthy for you but you are afraid to let go, to be single and alone, you might unconsciously try to block these messages.

What often blocks me from listening to my intuition is that I am afraid of making mistakes. I sometimes don’t trust what I feel, because as a human being, I have of course made mistakes. But by putting others on a pedestal, that has made things much worse.

Find the courage to follow your own inner voice!

5.    You know your life better than others

inner strength

 Did someone say you would be such a great actor, but you feel like painting? When you try acting, it’s fine but something is missing, but when you’re painting, you feel so excited, like nothing can stop you! This is when you are following your intuition.

Be a warrior, don’t follow anybody’s opinion who thinks that they know better than you, what is best for you! You can feel that difference in your mind and body depending on what you practice. Pursue the feeling of excitement!

Here are a few examples of how it can go badly when you listen to others:

1. You can get into trouble, they’re not the ones taking the risk.

2. They think they know you, but you are the only one who truly knows what is good for you.

3. If they don’t have the right intention for you, maybe they will manipulate you to do what is right for them but it’s really bad for you.

4. If somebody else’s opinion goes bad, you will be mad at them for listening to their bad advice and then be mad at yourself for not doing what you really thought was right for you.

5. Putting other people’s happiness before your own will never fulfill you, they aren’t living every day in your shoes and they might not always be there. If they leave you and you are working in a job that you hate but they felt proud of you for it, will it really be worth it?

Listen to your own voice

I have gone through that, where I found a person to guide me in my life. I thought he would only help me for my own progress. It turned out that he kept telling me to act a certain way and to make decisions about my professional and personal path for his own purpose. I felt worse and worse over time and my intuition kept screaming at me to never go back. But I didn’t listen because he was someone, I thought was important.

People started really disliking me during this time because I wasn’t myself. I was getting sicker and sicker. I felt more isolated and sad than ever in my life. The day I turned my back on him was a very important day for me. Now, I listen to people’s advice, but my intuition is what makes the final decision!

6.    Keep a journal with you

journal your intuition

While you are walking around, if you ever get a weird sensation, feeling or emotion, write it down. The more you notice these sensations, the easier it will get to listen to them.

Sometimes, it’s also useful to just write down your feelings. You might just need to start out with a little problem that you are dealing with, but you will end up going much deeper. Your intuition is there, you just need to let it express itself.

7.    The same lesson or opportunity keeps coming up

Some messages or events might happen over and over again until you actually notice them. Or you may have a feeling that just won’t go away. Stop resisting. Is it your fear of the unknown that is blocking you? Trust that your inner voice is doing what is best for you. Unless you want to go crazy over these messages that feel like a broken record, take a leap of faith!

How my intuition has affected me?

Several times in my life, I have had a feeling of absolute truth and knew what was going to happen, even though I couldn’t explain why, I had absolutely no doubts. I guess it is that gut feeling. Sometimes, it’s just a message that shows me what will happen. Other times, it helped me make the right decision. It has even saved my health!

On the contrary, I have also in the past ignored all the signs that my intuition was sending me and it made my life miserable. I will come to that one later on.


Here is an example of when I simply listened. When I was teenager and it had been a few months I had been dating my boyfriend. I remember, I looked out into the distance, felt this great calm in my body and mind, then I had this strong feeling and truth that I just couldn’t deny, I would marry him one day.

I said so to my friends. They were saying no, it’s not going to happen, he’s your first boyfriend, nobody marries their first. I insisted and said I know that I will marry him, I can feel it! One of them in particular got even angry with me, so I just let it go. My mind did try to convince me that they were right, but inside my body, I felt it otherwise.

Not just wishful thinking

The reason why I don’t think it was the wishful thinking of a teenager, was because I wasn’t in my usual state of dreaming of prince charming, I was always the very bubbly and excited person. There, I was in this deep calm state, where I didn’t have thoughts going all over the place like the monkey mind I was used to, I wasn’t even in my emotions, it just felt like the obvious truth.

Listening to intuition brings opportunities

Another event that happened was back when I was in Taiwan. I was with my husband and a friend walking around a town. There was a stone staircase that went up somewhere, but we couldn’t see where. We had seen lots of these everywhere, but we all felt a pull to go up this one.

We found at the top, a temple, where we met a monk that gave us wisdom that really has had a big impact on me since then. If we hadn’t listened to our intuition, we wouldn’t have had such an exceptional experience. Here you can read about learning the 5 steps to find inner happiness that the monk had taught us that day.

Trust and listen

You can do these different exercises to let your inner voice be heard. You can take some distance from the situation, meditate on your life and journal about. But the most important part is to trust your intuition. Nobody knows better what is good for you than yourself!

Also, if you didn’t listen and things didn’t go your way, don’t get mad about it. Forgive yourself. It’s ok but make a pact with yourself that the next time, you will listen and trust that voice. It is there to help you along this amazing journey! Be brave and follow your heart!

How did your intuition help you or even saved you? Leave your experiences in the comments!

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